April 2024 Real Estate MARKET UPDATE



As April unfolds, the real estate market in Southwest Florida continues to be a dynamic arena, offering both challenges and opportunities for buyers, sellers, and industry professionals. Let’s delve into the latest trends and data shaping the region’s property landscape.

Inventory Dynamics

One notable aspect of the current market is the steady expansion of inventory. Since February 1st, 2024, the number of active listings has increased from 16,078 to 17,589 as of April 1st. This influx of listings suggests a growing array of options for prospective buyers to explore.

Price Adjustments and Market Fluidity

In the past seven days alone, there have been 1,957 recorded price decreases, underscoring the fluidity of the market and the need for sellers to remain agile and responsive to buyer demand. These adjustments reflect a nuanced negotiation between supply and demand dynamics, as sellers seek to position their properties competitively in a changing landscape.

Supply Dynamics and Days on Market

Despite the increase in inventory, supply dynamics reveal a nuanced picture. In Lee County, the months’ supply of inventory has decreased slightly to 6.5 months, while Collier County reports a similar trend with inventory decreasing to 7.6 months. This adjustment suggests a delicate balance between supply and demand, with inventory levels gradually aligning with market conditions.

Meanwhile, days on market have seen a gradual increase, with properties in Lee County spending an average of 68 days listed and those in Collier County averaging 70 days. While still relatively brisk, this trend underscores the importance of strategic pricing and marketing efforts for sellers, as well as patience and due diligence for buyers.

Median Sales Prices and Market Stability

Amidst these shifting dynamics, median sales prices have remained relatively flat over the past few months. In Lee County, the median price stands at $398,000, while Collier County commands a median price of $665,000. This stability suggests a market that is finding equilibrium, with prices reflecting the interplay of supply, demand, and broader economic factors.

Implications and Outlook

As we navigate the complexities of the Southwest Florida real estate market in April 2024, it’s essential for stakeholders to remain informed and adaptable. With inventory expanding, price adjustments occurring, and supply dynamics shifting, both buyers and sellers must stay attuned to market trends and leverage opportunities as they arise.

Looking ahead, monitoring key indicators such as inventory levels, days on market, and median sales prices will be critical for understanding the evolving landscape and making informed decisions. By staying proactive and informed, stakeholders can navigate the intricacies of the real estate market with confidence and clarity, positioning themselves for success in the months to come.

SWFL Real Estate Quick Facts:

Updated 4/2/24
Total Inventory on the MLS: 17,606
Total Homes Sold in 2024:  7,429

Last 7 Days:

New Listings on the MLS: 1,069
Homes Put Under Contract: 1,000
Homes with Price Decreases:  1,957

Mortgage Rates:

Real-Time Southwest Florida Data:

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